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So I heard a story recently that has my brain reeling. 

During a birth, comments from a care provider about the baby “blowing out” mom’s vagina to then give her the option of forceps or cesarean  after only 30 mins of pushing and baby doing well. 

Now, most of you know me well enough to know that I’m HUGE on informed consent and education, AND… THIS is NOT education nor a shared decision making process!!!! 
Not to mention studies show a forceps delivery can cause high perineal trauma and many, many risks to the baby, as well as risks with sections. ALL birth has risks.
I’m also a FULL story person and I will give benefit of the doubt where I don’t know all the details. 
So, IF the above scenario is true, you must…

  1. know the basics of birth. Take a childbirth class outside of the system.
  2. know your options beforehand so you are not bombarded with information you don’t know how to process. Take a childbirth class outside of the system.
  3. know your rights as a birther. Take a childbirth class outside of the system.
  4. not make decisions based on fear, but on fact. “Think logically, not fearfully.” Take a childbirth class outside of the system.

Big babies happen… and can emerge from the birth canal safety with very little trauma. (This depends on the skills and confidence of the provider.) Take the Evidence Based Birth childbirth class and learn the evidence on topics you’ll be making decisions on.
A few of my clients had bigger-than-gestational-age babies. These moms were supported by their providers, two OBs, two midwives, one epidural and their doula.
All this to say… scaring birthers is never ok. And big babies happen with safety, support, and love.
Here are some of the “big babies” I have helped welcome into the world:

  • Baby girl~ 8.0 
  • Baby boy ~ 8.12
  • Baby girl ~ 9.15
  • Baby girl ~ 10.3

I have seen multiple roundtable discussions on options with benefit, risks, and alternatives given. Then the expert advice presented with fact and without emotion. 
I’m thankful for these providers who take time to consent correctly and support the decision of the family with trust.
The above scenario is the fear I see everyday where families wish for a different birth.
We can do better.

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