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2017 has been a fantastic year, but I couldn’t have done it without my amazing parents.  Here are some of the highlights of my year!

  • 25 Natural childbirth Classes
  • 5 Evidence Based Birth (R)  Workshops
  • 2 Breastfeeding Classes 

I’ve had to honor of serving 18 birthing families…

  • 9 boys
  • 8 girls
  • 2 who are still cooking
  • 1 set of twins!! 

One birth in particular stands out, a twin birth that was simply amazing! Here are a bit of what Melissa had to say: “I swear all of our chats leading up to birth made me so mentally strong to voice (or yell, listen up) my desires. Definitely my strongest moment, their births still seam unreal. I have you to thank for a lot of the sureness I felt and trusting my body.” 

My goal for serving families is to reduce fear and to help them feel as comfortable as possible. I’m humbled by the trust these families have in me. With some, we had to get very personal very quickly because we were working within a tight timeframe. It was a pleasure to serve:

  • 7 Military Families 
  • 3 Moms moving to Montgomery at the end of their pregnancy
  • 2 Families moved away soon after birth

One my favorite professional highlights of 2017 was seeing Governor Kay Ivey sign the a midwifery bill recognizing Certified Professional Midwives to attend homebirths in Alabama! I was pleased to be a part of the coalition that helped push for this important legislation. (You can read her statement here.)

I also had the opportunity to:

  • Renew my Evidence Based Birth Instructor certification
  • Build professional relationships to move maternity care forward in Montgomery Alabama 

My goals for 2018 include:

  • Learning more about water labor and water birth
  • Continuing my midwifery assistant training in accordance with the new Alabama midwifery legislative requirements
  • Adding distance doula mentoring to my offerings for professionals
  • and many service opportunities for families 

I’m so very thankful for the work I am able to do in Alabama!! 

Note: ​You won’t see me sharing vaginal birth stats, section stats, how many hours of labor, or how many perineum repairs. But what you will find with my support, education, and attitude towards birth is a confidence building, power keeping satisfaction that is an experience that is forever imbedded into the mind of the families Maternal Instincts Doula gets to serve.

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