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Birth work in a broken system is challenging.


The challenges of advocating inside a broken system can feel lonely and frustrating for everyone in the birth team. We all have a responsibility to learn how to be better advocate support where 1 in 3 birthing people say they experience trauma. The hierarchy of power within the system is a myth. The only person with power is the birthing person and it is the birth team’s job to keep this person in the center of the decision-making process.
This community of change is the powerful movement we need to keep trauma from entering the birthing space. Let us come together and make a collaborative commitment to reduce birth trauma! 
Doulas, We have a special responsibility by being the most connected to the birthing person. We have a relationship and understanding with our clients that is unique. We are entrusted with information that we hold dear and need to relay this information to other members of the birth team if and when necessary. Doula, if you are leaving births cloudy-headed and asking yourself if you could have done something different the Doula Instincts mentoring membership can help lift those clouds. We first have to start with a deep dive within ourselves to find our advocate support identity. The membership offers two levels that will help you learn and grow into what you feel you need to give that best advocate support to the local community you serve.

Advocacy in birth work starts with YOU! We can not be 100% for our clients if we are not 100% ourselves.

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“I believe that the doula profession can single handedly change the way a birthing family enters the birth covenant. A doula must understand professionalism in advocacy, her strength in support, and recognize the deepest level of trust from the birthing family.“

Traci Weafer

Traci weafer doula mentor

Are you a birth worker that provides in-person support in your community?

Get connected with an incredible brainstorming community of birth workers who have a commitment of change. Join our welcoming community of Doulas, L&D Nurses, OBs, Midwives, Birth Photographers, and any other person working in the birth space!




Who is this for? Anyone who has a commitment to respectful care and reducing trauma in the birth space.

This is a special, safe, & supportive community for all kinds of birth workers. Perfect for Doulas, L&D Nurses, OBs, Midwives, Birth Photographers, and any other person working in the birth space!

  • Access to a private community of advocate birth workers
  • Peer-to-peer support from other birth workers and Community Leaders
  • Lives on Friday
  • Early access to workshops and offerings before they are shared to the rest of the world
  • 10% Discount to Products/Workshops
  • Option to upgrade to either of the other levels at any time

AVAILABLE ONLY ONCE A Quarter! Next cohort open registration August 2022.

Investment: $20/Month, Cancel anytime!
30% of proceeds per month will be donated to the National Birth Equity Collaborative (NBEC)



Perfect for Doulas who are looking for a deeper dive into advocacy

If you’ve been doing this work for a while (especially without a supportive doula community) you are likely carrying around some heavy stuff from the births you’ve witnessed, to the confusing and hurtful messages in large doula training organizations, and possibly horizontal violence in online or local doula groups. This option gives you all of the benefits from LEVEL 1 plus the additional support you need to unpack all of this and start healing.

  • Everything from Level 1: Community
  • Live topic discussions with Traci and the group each Friday (recordings will be available)
  • Doula Instincts Discounts for in-person workshops
  • Access to The Advanced Doula Workshop Level 1 (bias, boundaries, brilliance) online (included in membership)
  • Keeping Your Power® educator training for FREE when purchasing access codes for your clients
  • Advocacy does not equal Animosity T-shirt
  • Monthly workbooks and special content to help you heal and grow

AVAILABLE ONLY ONCE A Quarter! Next Cohort Open Registration August 2022.

Investment: $799/Year



Perfect for Doulas who are serious about & making real impact

Whether you’re a seasoned doula or just starting out, this option gives you all of the tools and support you need to be a confident advocate doula for yourself and your clients. Get everything from LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 plus one-on-one mentoring with me so we can dig into what practical skills you can build on as an advocate.

  • Everything from Level 1: Community and Level 2: Learning
  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring and coaching with Traci
  • Quarterly VIP deep dives into important advocate doula topics
  • VIP discount rate for in-person workshops and all products in Traci’s shop
  • Monthly VIP workbooks and special content with actionable steps to improve your advocacy and conversation skills in prenatals and the birthing space
  • Real-time birth consults with Traci

AVAILABLE ONLY ONCE A Quarter! Next Cohort Open Registration August 2022.

Investment: $1199/Year

Community Leaders

As community leaders and mentors, we recognized that our own individual levels of privileged, limitations, and lived experiences will impact our work AND we are committed to continuous self-appraisal and growth to ensure that the mentorship is a safe space for ALL. We are aware that our experiences of advocating in systems of perinatal care with our own communities of birthing people will be different to those doulas who face barriers and discrimination that we do not. We acknowledge this reality and keep it in our awareness as we hold space for conversation and growth.

What Doula Instincts members have to say

AVAILABLE ONLY ONCE A Quarter! Next cohort open registration August 2022.

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Upcoming Keeping Your® Power: Advocacy in Action Workshops

Join the commitment to reduce birth trauma by learning birth room advocacy skills

Wilmington, NC
DATE: June 3-4
TIME: 9am-5pm Est

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Coming soon 

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“When a woman is not warned and they do have a doula, they assume you’re telling them everything. It’s almost like a false sense of security and not warning your client is more dangerous than them going in ready for the unknown.”~ Caroline

Watch this short interview with Caroline about why she believes doulas should advocate and more importantly, know how to advocate!

Do you shy away from the word “advocacy” because it has a negative meaning?

Are you feeling oppressed and bullied in your own profession? Read about internalized oppression in the birth profession here.

What if you could learn how to be an advocate for your clients without confrontation and feel like the team comes together and the focus is on the birthing family?

If you do not know your power in advocacy birth work, you CAN NOT serve your clients 100%. That might be a bold statement, but TRUE.

AVAILABLE ONLY ONCE A Quarter! Next cohort open registration August 2022.

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AVAILABLE ONLY ONCE A Quarter! Next cohort open registration August 2022.

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