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Are you confused about questions to ask during prenatal appointments and how to talk to your care team in labor? Pregnancy and birth planning can be overwhelming if you do not know what you don’t know.
This course will help you find the confidence and effective communication that will leave you feeling heard and supported during prenatal appointments and during labor.

“Like I’ve always said, you changed me through my pregnancy and birth and I am so thankful for that! That change will be carried throughout my whole life! You taught yourself out of the job 😉❤ 🥰”

Brittany W.
A VBAC parent & Traci Doula Client

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Learn how to keep your power in birth.

This masterclass is designed for birthing persons needing more insight on how to communicate with their care team during pregnancy, labor, and birth. Communicating effectively with a care team will build a solid foundation of trust and will provide a family with education they need to make informed choices in their maternity care.
Keeping Your Power® came from Traci Weafer’s conversations with families who said they felt unheard, overwhelmed, and dismissed.

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What will you learn?

The main topics we will cover in this masterclass

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Meet your instructor Traci Weafer

Traci is a wife of 28 years and has home-schooled four children, three of which have gone on to graduate college and start their adult lives. She has been serving women and families through their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period in Montgomery, Alabama for over 20 years. She is passionate about birth and is committed to educating, supporting, and serving in any way she can to help a family meet their birthing goals. She also educates birth-workers on a national and international level, which prompted these courses. Traci provides awesome insight to empowering birth-workers to serve their families better. She will leave you with a full understanding of how to “Keep your power” when serving clients and the birthing team.

Investment only $69

Read a letter from a mother…

I don’t talk too often about my labor and deliveries with Truman or Marshal. It’s one of those not-pretty stories, it doesn’t interest most people, and I don’t want to scare new mommas.
It was an experience (both of them) that literally changed our lives. It changed how we think, how we parent, and how we navigate through any hospital/doctor trip.
In my labor with Truman I had a really bad experience with my doctor that ended up becoming a very hostile situation.
It wasn’t because I didn’t have a birth plan, because I wasn’t educated, because I was being stubborn, or because I was risking my baby’s life.
It was because we didn’t know how to properly communicate with our doctor and the hospital staff.
I had done research—I read all the parent books. I knew the way I would like to birth my baby. I had the full support of my husband. We didn’t have money for a doula, so we did extra homework trying to cover all of our bases.
We didn’t have enough though.
After Truman’s birth, I met Traci Weafer. Traci has been my doula, my friend, a mentor, and someone I very much look up to. She taught us this class: her Keeping Your Power class that she is now offering online!
It completely changed the way we thought and the way we communicated. Marshal’s birth was no picnic. Again—as educated as we were—things happen that you do not plan for. But this time we were able to navigate our way through those things without any “traumatic experiences.” (I did a podcast with EBB @ebbirth if you want that whole story.)

What families are saying

“Keeping Your Power® tool completely changed the experiences we had during our last pregnancy and labor. We went from second-guessing every decision and not knowing how to get the care we wanted to making confident choices that we knew were right for us.” – Bess E.

Keeping Your Power® for Families is a masterclass to solidify a your self-advocacy skills in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Learn your power and how to keep it. Let’s get started!

Get Notified When This Class is Available:

Investment only $69

Have questions or are Looking to discuss THE topics YOU LEARNED IN THIS CLASS? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!

Have questions or are Looking to discuss THE topics YOU LEARNED IN THIS CLASS? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!

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