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Keeping Your Power®: ADVOCACY IN ACTION WORKSHOP Eugene, OR for September 2024

DATE: SEPTEMBER 27 & 28, 2024


The Keeping Your Power®: Advocacy in Action workshop is a workshop for doulas to dive deeper into their advocacy identity and gain birthroom advocacy skills. This commitment will reduce trauma during labor and birth by keeping the person giving birth in the decision making process and keep their power while in a vulnerable place.

Join others who are making the same commitment to learn about themselves to be the best advocates in the birth room!

This is an interactive two day workshop from 9-5 with lunch included.  You will receive location details in emails after registration.
Some of the topics covered in the workshop include:
Biases and why we think what we think can cause birth trauma
True responsibilities
Keeping Your Power®
Perspective, conversations w/ empathy and compassion
Advocacy birthroom scenarios and practice

Terms: Refunds given for anyone called to a birth and you let me know before the workshop starts on the same day. Partial refund given for one day missed. No refunds given if any part of the workshop was attended.


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