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Keeping Your Power®: ADVOCACY IN ACTION WORKSHOP Minneapolis MN 2025

Time & Location

Feb 08, 2025, 9:00 AM – Feb 09, 2025, 5:00 PM

TBD – within 20 minutes of downtown Minneapolis

About the event

The challenges of advocating inside a broken system can feel lonely and frustrating for everyone in the birth team.  We all have a responsibility to learn how to be better advocate support where 1 in 3 birthing people say they experience trauma.  The hierarchy of power within the system is a myth.  The only person with power is the birthing person and it is the birth team’s job to keep this person in the center of the decision-making process.


As birth workers, we have a special responsibility by being the most connected to the birthing person.  We have a relationship and understanding with our clients that is unique.  We are entrusted with information that we hold dear and need to relay this information to other members of the birth team if and when necessary.  If you are leaving births cloudy-headed and asking yourself if you could have done something different… this is the workshop for you.


The Keeping Your Power®: Advocacy in Action workshop is a 2-day workshop for doulas to dive deeper into their advocacy identity and gain birthroom advocacy skills.  This commitment will reduce trauma during labor and birth by keeping the person giving birth in the decision making process and keep their power while in a vulnerable place.


Join others who are making the same commitment to learn about themselves to be the best advocates, without getting kicked out of the birth room!


Topics include:

  • Why should doulas advocate?
  • Understanding our personal triggers that can hinder advocacy
  • Biases and why they can cause birth trauma
  • True responsibilities
  • Sustainable business practices and avoiding burnout
  • Keeping Your Power®
  • Perspective, conversations w/ empathy and compassion
  • Advocacy birthroom scenarios and practice
  • …and more!

Your Hosts: This event is hosted by The Reclaimed Village along with local doula Brittany Irwin.  Our guest host/speaker for the weekend is Traci Weafer.  Traci has been a birth worker for over 20 years, serving Montgomery, Alabama.  You can read more about her on her website, follow her on Instagram, and hear about her passion for advocacy on this podcast episode.



  • This is an in person, interactive 2-day workshop from 9am-5pm on February 8th & 9th.
  • Location will be finalized by January 8th.  It will be within a 20 minute drive of downtown Minneapolis.
  • Snacks and lunch are provided.
  • Babies under 3 months may attend.

Terms: Refunds will be given for anyone who is called to a birth and lets us know before the workshop starts on the same day (note: spontaneous labors only.  Refunds will not be given for scheduled inductions).  Partial refund given for one day missed.  No refunds given if any part of the workshop day was attended.


Please reach out to with questions or to discuss payment plan options. 

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