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Looking for an easier birth?

Birth is already tough! Let’s make it a touch easier. When baby is in a less than ideal position it can lead to a more difficult and painful birth. This is where Spinning Babies® Parent Class can help!

Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help baby get into an optimal position in pregnancy and rotate with ease during labor.

Learn how with the Spinning Babies® Parent Class!

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What is Spinning Babies®

LISTEN TO THIS CONVERSATION WITH Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer Jennifer Walker & ME, Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Traci Weafer!

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Traci Weafer
Spinning Babies® Certified Parents Educator

A doula and then some!

Hi I’m Traci,

I’ve been teaching for 4 years but using Spinning Babies® techniques with personal clients for going on 8 years. Before I certified to be a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator I had a few births that did not go well. The babies were not descending or rotating into the pelvis. I needed to understand better what needed to happen knowing baby knew it’s job, but what in the pregnant body needed adjusting to help baby achieve it’s goal of rotating better.

Certifying in 2018 to be Spinning Babies® Parent Educator has changed my life and the outcomes of many of my families’ births.

The proactive work of encouraging the body to naturally body balance can cause a more comfort pregnancy and easier labor. I’m seeing it ALL THE TIME!!

VBAC plans that start spontaneously, shorter & more comfortable labors, and pregnant people able to enjoy their pregnancies without feeling miserable.

A midwife/doula who has taken a spinning babies workshop is awesome but my 4 days training was a more in-depth certification that can teach, compliment, and lend higher knowledge and expertise along side any birth worker who is a Spinning Babies® enthusiast.

What this 3-hour class covers

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Did you know…

The Doula Insights Comprehensive Childbirth Class INCLUDES everything in this Spinning Babies® Parent Class as well as a full comprehensive class! If you’re looking to be more than prepared for your birth, sign up for Doula Insights today!


What families are saying

“I highly recommend the spinning baby techniques taught by Traci. She was a godsend for the birth of our second child and my family is truly thankful!” Jamie B.

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Investment: $150
Includes: 3-hour class plus daily essentials download & PDF’s for reference.
What to Bring: your partner to help, yoga mat, pillows, wear comfy clothes.
Location: Complete Life Chiropractic. 203 Woodley Avenue in Prattville, Alabama

*Best taken around 6-7 months pregnant. 5 couples per class.


Investment $100 – $650 (Depending on your chosen add-ons)

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Who should take this class?

Anyone seeking to increase their chances of an easier birth. This course is designed to complement a childbirth class, not to be a substitute for one.

When should this class be taken? After 24 weeks and before 32 weeks of pregnancy. This class is a wonderful addition to ANY childbirth method you have previously learned. Having basic knowledge of birth is helpful, but if you have NOT taken a childbirth class yet, it’s ok.

This class is for expectant parents only. If you are looking for a CHILD BIRTH CLASS with the stages of labor and comfort measures to work through your labor that also teaches you advocacy skills as you plan for the birth you want, Read more about the Doula Insights Comprehensive Childbirth Class here!

If families who would like more communication skills in talking to their care provider, learn more about Keeping Your Power®.

Want me as your doula?

This Spinning Babies® Parents Class AND the Doula Insights Comprehensive Childbirth Class is included in my Doula Services Package!

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