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Welcome! I ’m Traci.

I have been serving within the birth community for over 20 years! I’m local to the River Region and Montgomery Alabama, but serve birthing people and birth professionals from all over the world. I’m passionate about birth and am committed to educating, supporting, and serving in any way I can to help a family meet their birthing goals.

My commitment to the incredible people I serve is evidenced by my drive to provide current, personal, and evidence-based information, as well as individualized support to families. In my home state (Alabama) currently has a cesarean rate of 34%, but the Healthy People 2020 target is 23%. With these discouraging numbers, I have continued to educate myself to advocate for my clients and have committed to helping educate families to lower primary and repeat cesareans. I’ve served as a mentor and trainer to her fellow doulas, and a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator. I’ve recently launched my one-of-a-kind Doula Insights Comprehensive Childbirth Class!

As a Senior Doula and Educator with advanced experience, Among a wide range of services, I am offering high-risk services such as VBAC, sexual abuse, birth trauma, and higher-risk pregnancy issues as well as low-risk births, natural pain free plans and homebirths.

With the finalization for the trademark of my Keeping Your Power® concept in 2019, I began to see the need for a deep dive mentoring membership program for Doulas to continue their education in advocate support. Currently, I am including in the membership community other birth workers who serve birthing people and are committed to respectful care and reducing trauma in the birth space.

I began my childbirth professional education after the birth of my first son, Christopher. Christopher was born with a heart defect and underwent open heart surgery at two months, at which time I was not encouraged to continue breastfeeding. While educating myself during my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted this birth to be different. I grew angry and the educational choices in Montgomery, and knew I wanted to one day bring better childbirth and breastfeeding education to her community. I was a teenage mom who was under the impression that my age was the reason I was not provided with the education or support I would have gotten otherwise. I have learned SO much over the years!

I’m super proud of my now 4 adult children and soon-to-be grandbaby!

I created all of these resources for YOU! Take a look through this website and reach out with any questions.


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Get to know me, virtually!

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Kind words from happy clients

“Traci’s kindness, expertise, and dedication are unmatched. My wife and I knew she was the real deal from our first conversation. Each pregnancy and birth is unique and beautiful, and that’s how she approaches every mother, every family she meets. We loved being able to draw from her well of knowledge…all of it evidence-based and from decades of experience, something invaluable but difficult to find. I felt loved, supported, and enjoyed serious peace of mind from beginning to end of our time with Traci. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat!” – Tiffany W.

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Things I’ve learned over the years


1998-2001 Postpartum doula
2001-2004 Postnatal Educator
2001-2004 Midwife Assistant
2015 Childbirth International Experienced Doula Certification
2016 Novice Rebozo Certification (Gena Kirby)
2016 Evidence Based Birth® Instructor
2018 Spinning Babies® Parent Educator Certification
2020 Evidence Based Birth® Instructor Renewal
2020 Spinning Babies Parents® Educator Renewal

2023 Evidence Based Birth Instructor Emeritus 

Additional Contact hours earned:

Trauma/Informed care, Motivational Interviewing, Change Agent, Homebirth Resource, Peanutballs & community, induction & 39 Weeks, Failure to progress, Birth Centers, Informed Consent in 2nd stage, Collaborating w/ L&D nurses, Prenatal Vaginal Exams, ACOG Recommendations on Normal Birth, Newborn Procedures in the Golden Hour, Eating and Drinking in Labor, Protecting the Perineum, Pushing Positions, Controlled pushing, Biomechanics in baby rotation.

Other Studies, Workshops, And Continuing Education

2015 Hug your baby
2015 Stillbirthday (loss and bereavement) workshop
2015 Sacral Carnial Therapy workshop
2016 ROSE (Reaching our Sisters Everywhere) Summit
2016 Spinning Babies workshop
2016 The Significance of Childbirth to the Birthing Person: Influences of Care and Places of Birth, Penny Simpkin
2016 Evidence Based Birth® Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age Certificate
2016 Evidence Based Birth® How to help Families get Evidence Based Care
2017 Evidence Based Birth® Instructor re certification
2018 Birth Monopoly Rights In Childbirth
2018 Evidence Based Birth® childbirth class training
​2019 Spinning Babies Workshop
2019 Update Evidence Based Birth® newborn procedures
​2019 Evidence and Ethics on Circumcision
2020 Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member of the Month July
2020 Best Selling Author “Baby Got VBAC”
In ​2017 Alabama Legislature Passed the Childbirth Safety Act making homebirth an option in Alabama. Certified Professional Midwives are recognized under this law and currently Alabama now licensed midwives. A list of Certified Professional Midwives are here.